Kasuwa is the marketplace for agric commodities. A platform that offers payment, logistics, tracking and financial services. Kasuwa has factored all micro and major processes that take place in the market till it gets to the consumers.

Data & Visibility
KYC data of all actors and detailed process documentation. Stakeholders have end to end visibility of all transactions.
Aggregation Services
Through our initiative to prevent post harvest losses, we have strategically located storage centers and can connect processors to guaranteed supply.
Financial Services

All actors have access to a store of value (wallet) and can perform financial services (savings, loans, and other transactions). Financial institutions often don’t know players credible enough to fund, we do

Logistics & Tracking

Know where your trucks and commodities are and plan for their delivery. You can also request for trucks anytime on Kasuwa.

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Kasuwa connects farmers, agripreneurs, aggregators, processors, financial institutions and other players to interact in a way that creates unique value for each partner. Kasuwa enables trades, information transfer and presents an easy and seamless way to buy & sell commodities.

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